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The Neverwinter Nights Game-Author, Birger (formely known as Berra) loves fantasy and horror and has a large creativity ranging from directing, drawing, actingt and last but not least; mod-making. He's most famous for having created the Surviving Horror series for Bioware's Roleplaying-Game Neverwinter Nigths 1 and for directing Original Movies on YouTube.

Friday, May 17, 2019

Wedding Incoming...

This week I don't have that much to talk about. It's been a tough week with a full-focus on my interaction design course. Observations, interviews and report-writing. πŸ‘€

Tomorrow, my sister is getting married! Woah! She's three years younger than me. It feels really unreal that one of my siblings is getting married. Let's wish them the best of luck! 😍

Just remembered... I'm playing Bloo Kid on Android right now. 😀 I love it! It's a platformer, like
Mario, but it takes place on one screen at a time. I feel very nostalgic while playing it. 😏 Maybe you'd like it too? The game also has a sequel, that plays just like a regular Mario-game.

Are you into typography?  In case you are, I'd like to recommend this website. It showcases Google Font Pairings, that fit really well together. Typography is a big part of my Digital Design education. 


This week, another of my fellow students, Miranda, asked to have her instagram showcased. It's called Lunnerhag Design. She's an artist and creates various kinds of artwork. I like her art and I'm also one of her follower. πŸ˜€ Now you can be too! 😎

NOTICE: Remember, that you can have your own content spotlighted next week! It can be anything, and it doesn't have to be NWN-related. Just use the contact-form above, or ask me in the comment-section.

This weeks blogreader question:

Help wanted! Do you know any good websites, for royalty-free music? πŸ’­ I'm looking for one, for my own projects. πŸ‘

Until next time,

Birger out. πŸ‘Š

Friday, May 10, 2019


It's bloggin' tiiiime! 😜

This week of Digital Design has been pretty tough, to be honest. I've had two bigger examinations (exams) and one re-examination. Right now, I'm studying Graphic design for websites and Interaction design and creativity. Even though it's been tough, it's also been fun. πŸ˜€ I always feel very satisfied after having submitted a larger project. And tired. Very. Tired. 😫 I'm glad it's weekend now. πŸ˜‰

I'd like to share with you a Kickstarter-project for a 2D action RPG & Persona style game that I came across earlier this week, called Spleen. I really love the artstyle and music for this one! The game reminds me of Kingdom Hearts, a lot. The game-developers has also made hand-painted watercolor backgrounds! πŸ˜ So, if you have some spare cash, then I'd recommend helping these guys out! I'm going to do that myself, actually. πŸ™†


This week one of my fellow students, William Mauritzson, asked to have his instagram showcased. Expect cute dog-pictures, cars and a lot of smiles. 😊

NOTICE: Remember, that you can have your own content spotlighted next week! It can be anything, and it doesn't have to be NWN-related. Just use the contact-form above, or ask me in the comment-section.

This weeks blogreader question:

I'd like to ask for your opinion on something. What would you like to see on this blog? It can be anything, basically. It'd be more fun if I could showcase stuff that, you, my blogreaders, would like to see. πŸ‘πŸ‘₯ Let me know in the comments or send me a private message using the contactform, at the top of this page! πŸ‘†

Until next time,

Birger out. πŸ‘Š

Friday, May 3, 2019

Steampunk-speed ahead!

Hey everyone, hope things are great with you! :)

What happened on Digital Design this week? Well, a lot of different things but the most fun thing was that I actually made my first foodrecipe, ever! Foodrecpie...? Weren't you studying Digital Design? I sure am. ;) I'm studying creativity, right now. Creativity fits well into the food-universe, as well. Especially when you need to come up with a recipe no one else has done before! If you're interested in knowing what I came up with, leave a comment and I'll tell you in the comment-section! :)

I'd like to share with you a movie-project called "RΓ€dslans DΓΆrr" (Door of Fear), that I made back in december last year. It was for one of my courses in Digital Design. The movie is in swedish, but I think you'll manage. There's not that much dialog and the story itself is pretty self-explanatory. This movie-link is just for you, my blogreaders, since the movie isn't open to the public. Please let me know what you think, down here, in the comments (I'm not checking comments back on youtube)!

Steamtrain and rail from Wall3t's vaultproject.


This week I was contacted by a Neverwinter Nights 1 builder called Wall3t. Here's a short introduction from the blog:

[...] this is [...] a steampunk game world project known as Midland! It is a D&D based personal project that started in late winter of 2017 and has sprung into an expansive sandbox-like world with the intent of a light story driven atmosphere filled with its own perspective of the Fictional World of Acadias. [...] 

You can read more and check out pictures back at Wall3t's blog and/or vaultproject.

Remember, that you can have your own content spotlighted next week! It can be anything, and it doesn't have to be NWN-related. Just use the contact-form above, or ask me in the comment-section.

This weeks blogreader question:

Do you have any kind of education? If yes, what kind? If no, what would be your dream-education? Let's talk in the comment. :)

Until next time,

Birger out.

Friday, April 26, 2019

Tales, Forms and Designs...

Hey there, guys and gals! It's been awhile. ;)

I'd like to share a recently released NWN1 module with you, called: "The Tale of Fur and Frost". I haven't taken the time to play it yet, but it looks mighty interesting. The mod focuses on the Druid-class, which is something I haven't seen before (and I mean, I've played NWN1 since it came out, so that's always something). Might be worth checking it out.

So, what's new? I've added a Contactform at the top of this page, in case you want to send me an email (would love to hear from you!). I'm currently studying Digital Design -- it's a distance-education (don't know if that's the correct term outside of Sweden, though), so that's pretty sweet.

I'll try posting from time to time. I kinda feel like putting this old blog, back in business. ^_^ Would love to hear from you, so please leave a comment or send me an email -- both works. :)

So -- a blogreader question:
Do you have any good NWN1 modules that you recommend, like, a little extra? Post your answers below!

Until next time,

Birger out.

( That nostalgic feeling again... ;) )

Sunday, August 5, 2018

Rate My Life Quiz --- 12 Years Later ...!

12 years ago ... I did the Rate My Life! Quiz.

Today, I decided to do it again ... but with today's standards.

Here's how it turned out:

This is how it looked back then.

Interested in trying it out yourself? Click the link in the beginning of this post! 

Birger out.

Friday, January 12, 2018

Patreon! ^_^

Hey Everyone! ^_^

I've just posted some news about Patreon in my Facebook Group! 

Be sure to travel over there to read more! :P

I'd be really happy if you'd like to join the F-Group since that's the place I make the most posts these days! :D

UPDATE 2018-07-25: Well, the Facebook group and Patreon-page didn't work out so those projects has been laid to rest indefinitely. Also, I've just been accepted to a school for Digital Design so that's where I'll be focusing all of my energy for now. :) Take care!
Birger out.

Saturday, December 9, 2017

NEW Facebook Group Created! :)

I just created the Facebook Group "The Creative Work of Birger".

Instead of repeating myself I'll just include the Group Description below:

"Welcome Everyone!  As a reminder (since it's been since 2003 since I first started appearing on the web Publicly), I'm Birger, the Creator of the Award-Winning Neverwinter Nights Module-Series "Surviving Horror", the Final Fantasy-Inspired "Calm before the Storm" and "A New Journey Begins" Adventures. (Check out my Mod-Archive here:¨

This is a Group I created to first and foremost Gather My Fans in a Single Place and I plan to use this group to Share my Thoughts on any Creative Projects and Sometimes Ask for Your Opinions on Specific subjects.
Feel free to comment or ask whatever you like ... and again, a warm welcome! "

So, feel free to join! :D I'm hoping to Gather as Many Fans as I can and I would be really happy if you'd like to! ^_^ Feel free to invite others that you think might be insterested! ^_^

Birger out.